What is Automatic Campaign? A Beginner’s Detailed Guide


Amazon Automatic Campaigns are the targeting capabilities that help you show your product in front of shoppers by targeting relevant keywords to your products. Amazon's Automatic campaigns take complete control of which keyword to include in your campaign based on the platform for your product.

Are you a new Amazon seller? Amazon advertising might seem like a maze. 

Don't worry. You're not alone. Let's break it down. 

One of the best tools for beginners is Amazon Automatic Campaigns.


What Are Amazon Automatic Campaigns?

Automatic Campaigns are simple. Amazon does the heavy lifting for you. You don't need to manually select keywords or target products. Amazon's algorithm decides where to show your ads and optimizes them.

How Do They Work?

Set up an Automatic Campaign. Amazon uses your product information to match your ads with relevant customer searches. Amazon's system looks for the best keywords and search terms, driving traffic to your listing.


Why Use Amazon Automatic Campaigns?

  • Easy to Set Up: Setting up an Automatic Campaign is fairly straightforward. You don't need to be an expert & you don't have to spend hours researching keywords.

  • Broad Reach: These campaigns reach a wide audience. Amazon's algorithm tests many search terms to find the best match for your product.

  • Insightful Data: Over time, you gain valuable insights. Learn which keywords drive traffic and sales. This helps refine future campaigns.


Steps to Set Up an Amazon Automatic Campaign

  1. Log into Seller Central: Access your Amazon Seller Central account.

  2. Go to Campaign Manager: Navigate to the Campaign Manager section.

  3. Create a Campaign: Click 'Create Campaign'. Select 'Automatic Targeting'.

  4. Set Your Budget and Bids: Decide on your daily budget. Set your bids.

  5. Choose Products: Select the products you want to advertise.

  6. Launch: Once everything is set, launch your campaign. Voila!


Tips for Maximizing Success

  • Start with a Comfortable Budget: Start with a modest daily budget. Try $10-20 a day, and increase it as you see positive results.
  • Monitor Performance Regularly: Check your campaign performance often. Ideally, every other day. Look at the data to see which keywords perform well.
  • Use Negative Keywords: Identify irrelevant keywords and add them as negative exact match keywords. This prevents your ads from showing up for unrelated searches.

Benefits and Limitations


  • Time-Saving: Automatic Campaigns save time. No need for extensive keyword research and management. Sellers often see a 20% increase in impressions & a 15% rise in clicks within the first month.

  • Comprehensive Reach: They capture various customer search behaviors. They cast a wide net.


  • Less Control: You have less control over targeted keywords.

  • Potentially Higher Costs: Without optimization, costs can rise. However, refining campaigns can lead to a 10% improvement in advertising cost of sales (ACoS).


Amazon's Automatic Campaigns are a great start for new sellers. They simplify Amazon advertising. They provide a solid foundation. Starting with Automatic Campaigns gives you essential insights. It also builds your confidence to explore advanced advertising options down the line.

You can have your personalized Automatic campaign for your Amazon account If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to discuss it with you.



Amit Bhaskar


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