Amazon Introduces New Pricing Requirements for Voucher Eligibility

Starting March 18, 2024, Amazon is implementing new pricing criteria for its voucher program, a popular promotional tool among sellers. Vouchers, which offer customers discounts on products directly from the product detail page or the dedicated Amazon vouchers page, are now subject to stricter regulations to enhance the shopping experience and ensure fair pricing practices.

Under the new guidelines, products must have a sales history, which can be as minimal as a single unit sold, to establish a base price. This requirement is designed to set a genuine 'Was Price' that reflects a true transaction rather than an arbitrary number. This move aims to maintain the integrity of discounts offered through Amazon vouchers by ensuring they are based on real sales data.

Furthermore, to qualify for voucher promotions, products must offer a discount within the stipulated range of 5% to 50% off. More importantly, the promotional price must be lower than the established 'Was Price' or any recent lower price recorded for the product. This ensures that the discounts are meaningful and offer genuine value to customers.

Sellers encountering issues with voucher eligibility due to these new pricing requirements can address them by:

  1. Creating Sales History: Sellers are encouraged to generate sales history for their products to establish the 'Was Price.' This can be achieved by selling at least one unit of the product. 

  1. Adjusting Discounts: To comply with the new rules, sellers must ensure their promotion price is lower than the 'Was Price' or the product's lowest recent price.

  1. Complying with Discount Limits: Sellers must adjust their sale price discount to fall within the minimum and maximum allowed discount percentages.

It's crucial for sellers to adhere to these guidelines genuinely by securing authentic sales to establish a product's 'Was Price.' While it might be tempting for sellers to circumvent this requirement through purchases by acquaintances or employees, such practices are against Amazon's policies and could lead to penalties.

The implementation of these new pricing requirements for Amazon vouchers represents the company's commitment to maintaining a fair and transparent marketplace. By ensuring that discounts are based on real sales data, Amazon aims to enhance promotions' credibility and protect buyers' and sellers' interests.


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