Breakthrough Offer: Amazon Slashes Exporter Subscription Fee by 99 pc to Just $1 for First Three Months

Key Points:

  • Amazon has reduced the subscription fee for new Indian exporters joining its global selling program from USD 120 to USD 1 for the initial three months, aiming to facilitate e-commerce exports during the holiday season until March 31, 2024.
  • The annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) sale event on Amazon's global platform, scheduled from November 17 to 27, 2023, will prominently feature products from Indian exporters, fostering global market access.
  • Indian exporters experienced substantial growth during recent sales events, such as a nearly 70% YoY increase during the Prime Big Deal Days Sale in October 2023, with categories like home, beauty, kitchen, health, personal care, and furniture seeing significant growth.
  • Major markets like the US, UK, Japan, and Australia showcased notable demand for products from Indian exporters, witnessing up to 200% YoY growth, with items like bedsheets, apparel sets, oral care products, rugs, and kitchen goods among the top-selling products.
  • Previous sales, like the Prime Day Sale in July 2023, also reflected impressive growth for Indian exporters on Amazon, with categories like beauty, apparel, home, furniture, and kitchen products experiencing substantial YoY growth, primarily driven by the US, UK, and Middle East markets.

Deep Insights: 

Amazon's strategic move to reduce subscription fees for new exporters highlights its commitment to empowering businesses in India to expand globally through e-commerce. By lowering the entry barrier to its global selling program, Amazon aims to incentivize more Indian exporters to leverage the platform, especially during crucial sales events like the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. This reduction in fees from USD 120 to merely USD 1 for the initial three months significantly reduces the financial burden on exporters, encouraging their participation in the global market.

The remarkable growth statistics during previous sales events, such as the Prime Big Deal Days and Prime Day Sale, underscore the immense potential and success of Indian exporters on Amazon's platform. Categories like home, beauty, kitchen, health, personal care, and furniture have witnessed substantial year-on-year growth, driven primarily by the US, UK, Japan, Australia, and the Middle East markets. Products such as bedsheets, apparel sets, oral care items, rugs, and kitchen products emerged as top-selling items during these events, indicating diverse consumer interests.

The surge in sales, particularly in categories like beauty, apparel, and home goods, showcases the evolving preferences of international consumers and the competitiveness of Indian products in these markets. With Japan and Australia emerging as new high-growth destinations, it signals an increasing global demand for Indian goods across various categories, validating the significance of Amazon's global selling program for Indian exporters.



Amit Bhaskar


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