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Ads Management

At AMZPro, we've a team of pros who have completed multiple Amazon ads certifications & have expertise in utilizing Amazon ads so as to improve not only sales but also organic rankings of your listings. As we've been managing Amazon ads since 2014, we've developed many propreitary PPC tools, tactics & strategies which help us push your listings to page 1 ranks both organically & sponsored.


Advertising Strategy

We work with you to understand your goals & then craft an action plan so as to implement a high level strategy to achieve your goals. In general, our Amazon strategy is simple, we want to use Amazon ads to improve your listing's organic rank so as to generate more organic sales. How do we do it? Lets hop on a call to discuss it


Campaign Creation

From choosing the right campaign mix for your niche to doing a thorough keyword research to creating use case campaigns, AMZPro does everything required to make your store successful. We've over the years developed a list of use case campaigns for different niches on Amazon. We know which campaign will work for your niche & for your product life cycle. This will help target your budget to the set of campaigns & keywords which will get you the best bang for your buck. 


Campaign Management

From managing spend to improving CTR, ACoS, CPC & CVR, AMZPro's ad experts know it all. We know you want to lower the wateful spend while ensuring we increase the spend on profitable campaigns & keywords. We ensure all this while keeping a laser focus on our medium to long term goals of reaching page 1 ranks. We convey all this to you via proprietary online reports. These reports track more than 20 differnet metrics of your complete store to ensure that all is well with your store. The best part, this report is free for you. We don't charge you extra for it. 


Campaign Consolidation

We so many times onboard unhappy clients who feel the automated software they were using for Amazon ads has not been able to deliver results. Infact, we see 100s of campaigns for a handful of products. This is when we've to employ a proprietary tactic of campaign consolidation. As we already know the right campaign mix for your niche, we merge unwanted campaigns/ ad groups to come up with an optimal mix of campaigns which will use your bugets efficiently.