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Level 2.0

There are a lot of high-impact PPC Management strategies which we're using in-house which gives us an edge over anyone else managing the same campaigns. Some, of which are mentioned below:


KW Bidding Strategy 2.0

At times, it is observed for brands that are selling many similar products, competing with themselves for KW bids. Although Amazon says that it does not put up our bids with our bids from a different campaign, there is no conclusive proof in this regard. This is why we follow a strategy that has been well demonstrated in the picture attached below.


Campaign Optimization 2.0

A marketer's endeavour to improve performance in various digital channels is known as campaign optimization. Your team can immediately boost performance and improve revenue through paid digital channels by adopting a digital marketing strategy structure. We've developed an XML-based program that helps us to optimize hundreds of campaigns with thousands of KWs within seconds. We'll recommend developing such an internal tool for your team to decrease the costs of manpower as well as ensure 100% accuracy in your operations. In our tool, we can add up to 8 variable combinations like "If Spend is more than $10 & Sales are $0 with a CPC of more than $0.7, change the bid price to 50%".


PPC Reporting 2.0

A PPC report will assist you in determining the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an internet marketing strategy in which you are charged a fee each time your ad is clicked. Rather than trying to attract users organically, it's a sponsored approach to increasing traffic to your website. We've developed a Google DataStudio based reporting system that helps create powerful & visually immersive reports for Amazon PPC performance. This reporting is much better than the ones available on Amazon.