Amazon Implements Stringent Pricing Requirements for Vouchers Starting March 18, 2024

Key Points:

  • New Pricing Requirements for Amazon Vouchers: Effective from March 18, 2024, Amazon will implement stricter pricing regulations for its vouchers, requiring a sales history to establish a base price.
  • Minimum Sales Threshold: Sellers must have a sales history, even as minimal as one unit sold, to set a base price for their vouchers.
  • Changes in Eligibility Criteria: Products must meet specific criteria, including having a sales history and offering a promotion price lower than the Was Price or recent lowest price, to qualify for vouchers.
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance: Products failing to meet the new requirements will be ineligible for vouchers until all criteria are fulfilled.

Dive Insight:

The forthcoming changes in Amazon's voucher pricing policies signify a significant shift in the platform's approach to promotions and discounts. With the requirement of establishing a sales history, sellers face a more stringent threshold for eligibility, challenging them to meet certain criteria before offering vouchers to customers.

Even with the sale of just one unit, the necessity for a sales history underscores Amazon's commitment to maintaining pricing integrity and ensuring that promotions are rooted in genuine sales activity. This move aims to deter sellers from artificially inflating prices or offering misleading discounts, thereby fostering a more transparent and fair marketplace environment.

Furthermore, the revised eligibility criteria, mandating a promotion price lower than the Was Price or recent lowest price, adds another layer of scrutiny to voucher offerings. Sellers must meticulously align their pricing strategies with these requirements to avoid being excluded from voucher promotions.

While these measures may initially pose challenges for sellers accustomed to more lenient policies, they ultimately serve to enhance the credibility and effectiveness of voucher promotions on the platform. By instilling confidence in the authenticity of discounts and promotions, Amazon aims to cultivate stronger trust and loyalty among its customer base, driving sustainable growth and competitiveness in the e-commerce landscape.

Nevertheless, sellers must navigate these changes judiciously to ensure compliance and maximize the potential benefits of voucher promotions. Adhering to the new pricing requirements and prioritizing transparency in promotional activities will be essential for sellers seeking to thrive in Amazon's evolving marketplace ecosystem.



Amit Bhaskar


Team | AMZ Pro

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