Amazon Announced to Spend $200M on Safety Technology for its Whole Transportation Network in 2023.

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Udit Madan, vice president of Amazon Transportation, recently announced that Amazon would spend $200 million on safety technology across its transportation network.
    The company has already started working toward accomplishing the outlined goals at the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS). As per Amazon, the focus is to provide the drivers with premium vehicles that will be best in safety and sustainability under this project.
      Additionally, the safety technology project concentrates on raising the safety bar and reducing the crash frequency rate. Amazon also claimed that investing in the safety technology project is not only safe for its workers but for the environment as well. 

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        Few safety technology measures have already been taken by Amazon, such as the company has equipped its middle mile trucking network with leading safety technology, which includes automatic emergency braking, stability control, front-collision warning,lane-departure warning, side-object detection, adaptive cruise control, speed limiters. 

        Furthermore, they have invested heavily in route planning navigation systems and predictive analytics software to monitor fleet safety better, all of which are embedded into the mobile technology, Relay.

        Reports have also suggested that the company has observed a 35% reduction in the accident rate by introducing its amazon branded delivery vans in the U.S. in 2020.

        In addition, Amazon delivery vans include a 360-degree camera detection system to make it easy for the drivers to watch what’s next to them.

        The company will also start implementing a cutting-edge new safety feature in its trucking fleet that uses digital side mirror camera technology to lessen blind spots and improve the general safety of its already top-of-the-line trucks. This technique may result in as much as 30% fewer rear-end collisions.

        The company is excited about its progress and upcoming investments in 2023. According to Amazon, the company will continue to invest and invent to ensure that their delivery vans, trucks, trailers, and drivers are among the safest on the road.


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