Amazon Fresh Store Claims World's First Grocery Zero Carbon

 Key Points: 

  • Amazon Fresh's Seattle store earns the world's first Zero Carbon Certification for a grocery store, as part of Amazon's Climate Pledge commitment to reach net-zero carbon by 2040.
  • The Amazon Fresh store in Seattle has saved over 100 tons of CO2e compared to a standard grocery store since its opening in 2022.
  • ILFI's Zero Carbon Certification sets a global standard for building decarbonization efforts, focusing on combustion-free systems, reductions in carbon impacts, and measured achievement through data demonstration.


Dive Insight:

Amazon continues to honor its Climate Pledge, and the commitment is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. This time, it's a Seattle-based Amazon Fresh store that has emerged as a trailblazer. Designed with a strong focus on sustainability, this 35,000-square-foot store on Aurora Avenue, North Seattle, has not only upheld its green ethos but has also saved a substantial 100 tons of CO2e since its doors opened last year.

The store's remarkable journey takes a historic turn with its recent Zero Carbon Certification by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). This accomplishment marks a remarkable double - it's not only the first grocery store worldwide to receive this prestigious certification but also Amazon's first building. ILFI's certification, awarded in September, sets a new global standard for buildings aspiring to shed their carbon footprint.

Amazon's commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in the thoughtful features of this Amazon Fresh location. A natural-refrigerant-based refrigeration system, an all-electric kitchen, hot water heating systems, electric-vehicle charging stations for customers, and low-carbon concrete floors are all part of the climate-friendly infrastructure. 

In fact, many of these eco-conscious elements are seamlessly woven into the store's design, often escaping the notice of its customers. Yet, these subtle additions have made a substantial impact - the store's carbon savings to date have exceeded 100 tons of CO2e in comparison to a typical grocery store.

Amazon's Tony Hoggett, Senior Vice President of Amazon’s Worldwide Grocery Stores, expressed immense pride in this achievement and highlighted the company's dedication to enhancing the grocery shopping experience while also offering customers more sustainable choices. These initiatives, such as securing the Zero Carbon Certification, play a pivotal role in Amazon's quest to attain net-zero carbon status by 2040.

ILFI's Zero Carbon Certification is a rigorous global standard that mandates carbon combustion-free systems, necessitates reductions in both operational and embodied carbon impacts of buildings and requires a robust demonstration of data-backed achievements. This extensive certification process involved a comprehensive 12-month review of the Seattle Amazon Fresh store's operations.

CEO of ILFI, Lindsay Baker, lauded Amazon's leadership in this groundbreaking endeavor. A grocery store that is accountable for its carbon footprint across all aspects of its existence—from construction and materials to day-to-day operations—sends a powerful message to both customers and the industry.

The sustainability wave doesn't stop here. Three Amazon Go locations in the Los Angeles area, an Amazon Same-Day site in Sacramento, and the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle are all on course to achieve the esteemed Zero Carbon Certification from ILFI, further cementing Amazon's commitment to reducing its environmental impact.


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