Amazon Implements Ad Transparency Measures in Compliance with the EU Digital Services Act (DSA)

Key Points:

  • To comply with the EU Digital Services Act (DSA), Amazon sellers in the EU marketplace must review and confirm their "Advertiser Name" and "Payer Name" in the Amazon Ads system by July 24, 2023.
  • The initiative aims to enhance ad transparency and provide shoppers with information about the ads they encounter on Amazon EU sites in countries like Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany.
  • The "Advertiser Name" refers to the name of the advertiser behind the ad, while the "Payer Name" represents the person or entity who paid for the advertisement.
  • Disclosing these details will give shoppers greater clarity on why they are seeing a specific ad and who is responsible for its funding.

Dive Insight:

In response to the EU Digital Services Act (DSA), Amazon has taken significant steps to bolster ad transparency on its platform for shoppers across the EU. By implementing measures that require sellers to review and confirm their "Advertiser Name" and "Payer Name" in the Amazon Ads system, the company aims to provide users with comprehensive information about the ads they encounter while browsing.

The DSA seeks to create a more transparent digital environment. Amazon's initiative aligns with the Act's objectives by shedding light on the critical actors involved in advertising on its EU sites. By knowing the "Advertiser Name," customers will gain insights into the entities or businesses behind the advertisements, ensuring greater accountability and trust in the advertising process.

Additionally, understanding the "Payer Name" enables users to identify the individuals or entities financially supporting the ads. This aspect of transparency is crucial in avoiding potential manipulations or hidden agendas in advertising and fosters a more open and informed ad experience for shoppers.

By providing this essential information, Amazon reinforces its commitment to ensuring a trustworthy and secure marketplace for its users. The initiative allows customers to make more informed decisions about the products and services they engage with, reducing the likelihood of deceptive or misleading advertising practices.

Overall, Amazon's proactive approach to ad transparency serves as a significant step toward fostering a transparent and responsible digital advertising ecosystem. As regulatory frameworks like the EU Digital Services Act continue to evolve, it is imperative for platforms and businesses to adapt their practices to meet the growing demand for transparency and consumer protection.

With enhanced ad disclosure measures in place, Amazon sets an example for other digital marketplaces to follow, ultimately benefiting both sellers and shoppers alike.


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