Amazon Offers One Year of Free Transparency Codes to Brands for Newly Protected Products

Key Points:

  • Amazon is offering brands the opportunity to receive one year of free Transparency codes for newly protected products.
  • The promotion is valid for products protected by Transparency before December 31, 2023.
  • "Protection" is the step after enrollment, and sellers are advised to begin the enrollment process well in advance to qualify for the free codes.
  • There is a limit of 20,000 free codes per item included in the promotion.
  • The cost of Transparency codes is typically $1 to $0.05 per code, making this promotion a potential savings of up to $1000 per ASIN for brands.
  • To participate in the promotion, brands must enroll a new product in Transparency, apply Transparency codes to the same surface as the product's barcode (e.g., UPC or EAN), and enable Operational Performance Review (OPR) for the newly enrolled product.
  • Successful completion of OPR is required to ensure that the product attains "protected" status before December 31, 2023.
  • Upon meeting these requirements, Amazon will credit the cost of future Transparency codes to the brand's account for the protected product, starting from the date it becomes protected, and the credit will last for one year.

Dive Insight:

Amazon's offer of one year of free Transparency codes for newly protected products presents an appealing opportunity for brands to enhance product security and build trust with customers. Transparency codes play a crucial role in ensuring product authenticity and combating counterfeits, benefiting both brands and consumers.

By enrolling new products in Transparency and applying the codes to the product's barcode surface, brands can demonstrate their commitment to product authenticity and safety. The Operational Performance Review (OPR) further ensures that the product achieves "protected" status, providing an added layer of security for customers.

The cost savings provided by the promotion can be significant for brands, with potential savings of up to $1000 per ASIN. This cost reduction not only incentivizes brands to adopt Transparency but also encourages them to protect more of their products, reinforcing Amazon's efforts to maintain a trusted marketplace.

Brands must be mindful of the December 31, 2023, deadline and initiate the enrollment process well in advance to secure the free Transparency codes. The limit of 20,000 free codes per item included in the promotion emphasizes the need for brands to plan strategically to maximize the benefits of this offer.

As brands take advantage of this promotion, Amazon's Transparency program is likely to witness increased adoption, leading to a more secure and transparent e-commerce ecosystem. By encouraging brands to invest in product protection and verification, Amazon aims to bolster customer confidence and safeguard its platform from counterfeit products.

All-in-all, Amazon's promotion of one year of free Transparency codes presents an opportunity for brands to proactively safeguard their products and demonstrate their commitment to product authenticity. The potential cost savings and enhanced consumer trust resulting from this initiative make it an appealing choice for brands seeking to ensure the legitimacy of their products in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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