Amazon Requires Some Corporate Workers to Relocate for Office Work

Amazon has implemented a return-to-office mandate that requires certain corporate workers to relocate to be closer to its offices, sparking concerns among employees who are currently working remotely. The e-commerce giant's policy change now demands employees to work from the office at least three days a week, shifting away from the previous approach where managers had discretion in deciding the frequency of in-person versus remote work.

Internal messages revealed that Amazon is now requesting some virtual workers to move closer to its office locations. Workers were given three options: relocating to an office nearby, moving to one of Amazon's hubs, or resigning. Requests for remote work were no longer an option.

The news has left some employees shocked and uncertain about their future with the company. Several expressed worries about caretaking responsibilities, increased workload if colleagues resign, and the difficulty of processing this sudden change.

In response to the relocation mandate, Amazon clarified that eligible employees would receive relocation benefits, and the company would consider exception requests on a case-by-case basis.

Amazon's return-to-office decision is rooted in the belief that in-person collaboration strengthens the company's culture. CEO Andy Jassy emphasized the value of learning, modeling, and practicing the company's culture when employees work together in office settings.

Back to the “heart of the city.”

While some workers are excited about reconnecting with colleagues in person, others have concerns about commuting, childcare, and health risks associated with office work. In May, corporate employees staged a temporary walkout to protest the return-to-office mandate and Amazon's environmental impact. Amazon's decision to bring back employees to the office has also had an impact on the surrounding community. South Lake Union reported an increase in foot traffic and credit card transactions at restaurants since the company's return to office in May.

Although all Amazon offices are open, some are still being prepared for the return of employees, with a few scheduled to open in September or October. However, the company remains committed to bringing more teams together in the same locations to promote employee collaboration and connection.



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