Amazon Rolls Out a TikTok-like Shopping Feature

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Finally, in early December (2022), Amazon turned the rumors into reality by bringing a TikTok-like shopping experience for its app.

Inspire,” a new in-app shopping feature of Amazon, has added a shopping feed similar to social media applications like Instagram and TikTok.  

Amazon says that the new shopping feature will initially roll out to selective users only and will be available to all users soon. 

With the launch of Inspire, users can now customize and shop from a shoppable feed of photos and short videos directly on the Amazon shopping app.  

The company has already lined up some Amazon influencers to upload on Inspire to bring more customers' attention to their products. 

Both Android and iOS users can access shoppable content within the Amazon mobile app.


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This Thursday, on the 8th of December, Amazon, a retail giant, announced a new in-app shopping feature, Inspire, which was rumored back in August. E-commerce giant Amazon has bought a TikTok-like feed of shoppable content named 'Inspire' to its application focusing on an aim to generate more engagement on its platform.

The new element will be accessible to only some customers in the United States this month.

According to the firm, the content created by brands, influencers, and other customers on shoppable feeds is personalized as per the user's interest to make shopping easy and fun.  

Amazon Influencers, including Mae Badiyan, Practically Pursia, and others,  have started uploading on Inspire to earn money from customers' purchases via the Amazon Influencer Program. 

As per the statement made by the company, both Android and iOS users can access the content uploaded on Inspire through a light bulb icon displayed in the lower navigation bar within the Amazon mobile app. 


Dive Insight:  

The Wall Street Journal first reported the announcement made by Amazon about the launch of a new feature called Inspire on the 8th of December.  

The photo and video-based shopping feed come with a scrolling and a double-tap option, allowing viewers to scroll through the Inspire experience just like Instagram and TikTok vertical video feeds and like the content with a red heart with a double-tap on the screen, respectively.

An Amazon spokesperson told reporters that the social feed is being rolled out to select U.S. customers and will be available to all users and in other countries in the coming months.  

Inspire eliminates the necessity to search somewhere else or comment on a post to get product details featured online. The customers are prompted to choose from over 20 interests to personalize their Inspire feed, including videos and photos featuring items available directly on Amazon in just a few taps. 


"Engaging and fun short-form video content is the easiest way to get my audience's attention," noted Practically Pursia, an Amazon influencer. As per the influencer, with the launch of this new feature, the firm will help her generate more revenue by allowing the customers to visit the products displayed in her content with just a single click.


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