Amazon Strikes Back: Four Legal Battles Launched Against Prime Video Scammers

In a decisive move to protect consumers, Amazon has filed four lawsuits against deceitful organizations orchestrating Prime Video scams. These fraudulent entities exploited unsuspecting users by posing as Amazon customer support representatives, operating websites that mimicked the visual identity of Amazon but were, in reality, unauthorized and malicious.

The scam involved enticing individuals seeking assistance activating Prime Video on their streaming devices. The impostors prompted victims to call a specified number for help under the guise of resolving activation issues. Subsequently, the scammers pitched fake Prime Video subscription "upgrades" at an additional cost.

Driven by a commitment to customer satisfaction, Amazon is resolute in safeguarding its brand from unscrupulous scammers preying on trusting individuals. The company is actively engaged in educating consumers to recognize and avoid scams, simultaneously ensuring that perpetrators are held accountable.

Amazon's Customer Protection and Enforcement team, comprising seasoned attorneys and cybercrime investigators, conducts global investigations to combat impersonation scams. These recent lawsuits are part of Amazon's ongoing efforts to tackle such fraud globally. Collaborative actions with law enforcement, including joint efforts with Microsoft in India, have resulted in raids on locations associated with impersonation fraud.

Customers play a crucial role in this fight against scams. Reporting suspicious communications to Amazon at enhances the effectiveness of tools in identifying and taking action against bad actors. Even non-Amazon customers can contribute by reporting suspicious messages to

The lawsuits have been filed in the Western District of Pennsylvania, Eastern District of North Carolina, Northern District of Georgia, and the District of Arizona under the following case numbers:

  1. Case Number: 2:05-mc-02025
  2. Case Number: 5:23-cv-00650-FL
  3. Case Number: 1:23-mi-99999-UNA
  4. Case Number: 2:23-at-99911

Over time, Amazon has remained steadfast in its dedication to customer security and satisfaction. These legal actions underscore the company's commitment to proactively combat scams, protect its customers, and uphold the integrity of its services. By fostering a collaborative environment with users and law enforcement agencies, Amazon strives to create a safer online ecosystem for everyone. 

The battle against scams is ongoing, and Amazon encourages continued vigilance from its customers, urging them to report any suspicious activity to further fortify the defenses against fraudulent actors. Together, Amazon and its customers stand united against scams, working towards a secure and trustworthy online marketplace.


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