Amazon To Activate Disaster Relief Services For Turkey And Syria

Key Points:

  • According to the recent disaster management report, Amazon has established a disaster relief hub near Istanbul.
  • This disaster hub is established to provide quick relief items to the areas that are impacted by the earthquake that recently happened in Turkey and Syria. 
  • Amazon has so far converted 2000 sq meters of warehouse space into a facility that will help in supplying important items to front-line organizations. 
  • This disaster hub was created four days after this devastating earthquake and, till now, the company has donated nearly 1,00,000 relief items for the affected families of Turkey and Syria. 
  • Not only this, but Amazon has also announced an initial commitment of $600,000 to the NGOs providing critical support in areas affected by the earthquake. 


Detailed Insight: 

The immediate supply of essential items is just the beginning of Amazon's response, said Abe Diaz, head of Amazon's disaster program.

In the coming days, the company will work with local organizations and relief groups to identify the ground needs so that they can use Amazon's logistics and delivery network to help the people. 

To assist the impacted survivors, Amazon has activated relief capabilities to meet the immediate need of the relief organizations.

Immediate relief items are continuously supplied to the relief hub, including food, medicines, baby food, diapers, blankets, tents, heaters, and many other emergency items.

The Amazon team has also created a new donation page on their Turkey store, to collect donations from volunteers and support affected families. According to the reports, customers have donated more than 5000 necessary items for earthquake victims within three hours of the page going live.

Amazon is helping customers contribute directly to the organizations supporting relief programs in Syria and Turkey. Customers in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and UAE can even visit their local fundraising websites and donate to organizations like the Red cross and Red Crescent.


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