Amazon Unveils Largest Last-Mile Delivery Hub in Latin America: 30,000 Sq M Marvel

Key Points:

  • Amazon has officially opened its largest last-mile delivery center in Latin America, situated in Mexico City, as part of its ongoing efforts to provide swift deliveries in one of the region's most densely populated cities.
  • Since its 2015 debut in Mexico, Amazon has invested $3 billion to bolster its presence in Latin America's second-largest economy, aiming to outpace competitors like Mercado Libre and Walmart.
  • The new Mexico City facility spans an impressive 30,000 square meters (over 322,000 square feet) and serves as Amazon's largest "delivery station" in Latin America, specializing in last-mile consumer deliveries.
  • Amazon maintains around 40 warehouses across Mexico, directly employing over 8,000 individuals and indirectly supporting an additional 32,000 jobs.

Dive Insight:

Amazon's inauguration of its expansive last-mile delivery hub in Mexico City signifies a strategic maneuver to solidify its presence in Latin America's thriving e-commerce market. The move underlines the company's unwavering commitment to enhancing customer experience through swift and efficient deliveries, particularly in one of the region's most densely populated urban centers.


Since it entered the Mexican market in 2015, Amazon has made substantial investments, totaling $3 billion, to capture a larger share of Latin America's second-largest economy. In a landscape marked by formidable competitors like Mercado Libre and Walmart, Amazon's dedication to innovation and infrastructure expansion aims to secure a competitive edge.

The newly unveiled Mexico City facility, spanning an impressive 30,000 square meters, cements its status as the largest "delivery station" in Latin America, emphasizing Amazon's focus on optimizing last-mile deliveries. This strategic approach aligns with the company's broader distribution strategy, aimed at establishing distribution centers in close proximity to customers for faster delivery times.

With approximately 22 million people residing in and around Mexico City, this region represents a significant market for Amazon, and the new facility strategically positions the company to serve this vast consumer base more efficiently.

Amazon's commitment to expanding its physical presence in Mexico not only enhances its logistical capabilities but also contributes to job creation, both directly and indirectly. This is particularly noteworthy in Mexico's southern regions, where the government, under President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has been actively promoting economic development.

In summary, Amazon's investment in its largest last-mile delivery center in Latin America underscores its determination to provide unparalleled service to customers in the region, solidifying its position as a dominant force in Latin America's evolving e-commerce landscape.

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