Meet Rufus: Amazon's Revolutionary AI-Powered Shopping Assistant

Amazon is pleased to announce the launch of Rufus, a groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbot designed to significantly enhance our customers' online shopping experience. 

Rufus represents a pioneering advancement in conversational AI technology, utilizing Amazon's extensive product catalog and a broad spectrum of information from across the internet. This innovative tool is engineered to assist customers by answering questions, offering product comparisons, and providing personalized recommendations within the familiar Amazon shopping environment.

The beta version of Rufus is now available to a select group of users on Amazon's mobile application, with plans to extend its availability to a broader audience of U.S. customers in the forthcoming weeks. This initiative is part of Amazon's ongoing commitment to leveraging AI technology, which has been a cornerstone of our efforts to improve customer experiences over the past 25 years. 

Amazon’s journey with AI has yielded numerous customer-centric innovations, such as personalized shopping recommendations, AI-optimized logistics in their fulfillment centers, drone delivery services, Alexa's conversational capabilities, and Amazon Go stores.

Rufus is built upon these innovations, offering a versatile platform capable of addressing a wide range of customer inquiries. From the initial stages of product research to specific questions about product features, Rufus facilitates an effortless and informed shopping process for customers. This seamless integration into Amazon's shopping platform underscores our dedication to creating a more intuitive and efficient shopping experience.

Rufus is adept at guiding customers through various stages of their shopping journey. It can assist with initial product research, discovery based on specific use cases, comparisons between product categories, and tailored recommendations. Furthermore, Rufus enhances the product selection process by providing insights into customer reviews, Q&As, and detailed product information, thereby enabling customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.



Amazon is inviting its customers to experience the benefits of shopping with Rufus during its beta phase. Participants in the beta can easily access Rufus by updating their Amazon Shopping app and initiating inquiries through the search bar. This introduction marks a significant milestone in our mission to innovate and improve the online shopping experience through the application of advanced AI technologies.

Rufus exemplifies Amazon's commitment to pioneering customer service solutions that are both intuitive and efficient. By harnessing the power of generative AI, Rufus is set to transform the online shopping landscape, offering a level of personalized assistance that is unparalleled in the industry.



Amit Bhaskar


Team | AMZ Pro

Amit is the co-founder of AMZPro. He has been helping businesses succeed on Amazon since 2014. He also holds a lot of certifications from Amazon like ATES (Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist) & Amazon Ads Expert. He has worked with 100s of small & medium businesses around the world so as to make their Amazon dream come true. He is also a big believer of e-commerce & believes that soon the world will shift to mostly ecomm from mostly retail (brick & mortar stores) as of now. He also loves hiking & off-roading.

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