Below is information about how AMZPro Group and its affiliates (“we”) use cookies and other similar technology on this website.

This policy is effective as of January 06, 2023. Please note that this cookie statement will be updated from time to time. We can place cookies and other similar technology on your device, including mobile devices, in accordance with your preferences set on our cookie consent manager. 

Depending on your cookie settings on your mobile device, the following information may be collected through cookies or similar technology: your unique device identifier, mobile device IP address, information about your device’s operating system, mobile carrier, and your location information (to the extent permissible under applicable law).

What are cookies? 

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a site and allow a site to recognize your device. Cookies managed by AMZPro Group only are called “first-party cookies” whereas cookies from third parties are called “third-party cookies” as explained below.

Why do we use cookies and similar technologies? 

Cookies do a lot of different jobs, such as letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and generally improving the user experience. They can also help to ensure that the advertisements you see online are more relevant to you and your interests. 

In addition, cookies can help us to analyze the use of our website and online content (analytics cookies) and they can also facilitate/track the interaction on our websites and online content with social media (e.g. links to social media sites, like buttons, etc.).

Does AMZPro Group use cookies for marketing and analytics? 

Yes, we may use information collected from our cookies to identify user behavior and to serve content and offers based on your profile, and for the other purposes described below, to the extent legally permissible in certain jurisdictions. 

In other cases, we can associate cookie information (including information from cookies placed via our advertisements on third-party sites) with an identifiable individual. For example: If we send you a targeted email that includes web beacons, cookies, or similar technologies we will know whether you open, read, or delete the message. 

When you click a link in a marketing e-mail you receive from AMZPro Group, we will also use a cookie to log what pages you view and what content you download from our websites, even if you are not registered at or signed into our site. Combining and analyzing personal data – As described above, we may combine data from publicly available sources, and from our different e-mail, website, and personal interactions with you (this includes information collected across our different websites such as our careers and corporate sites and information collected when you sign-up or log on to our sites or connect to our sites using your social media credentials (such as LinkedIn). We combine this data to better assess your experience with AMZPro Group and to perform the other activities described throughout our privacy policy. 

Do you use any cookies from third-party companies? 

Some cookies, web beacons, and other tracking and storage technologies that we use are from third-party companies (third-party cookies), such as Facebook, Microsoft, Marketo Munchkin Tracking, Twitter, Knotch, YouTube, Instagram, and Linkedin Analytics to provide us with web analytics and intelligence about our sites which may also be used to provide measurement services and target ads. 

These companies use programming code to collect information about your interaction with our sites, such as the pages you visit, the links you click on, and how long you are on our sites. This code is only active while you are on our website. 

If you have any questions, please submit your request through our Contact Us form.