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AMZPro has been internally using this tool for many years. All our clients have advanced access to many such tools. In line with our mission to train 10,000 Amazon sellers all over the world, we’re now making all such tools available to all Amazon sellers free of cost. We only ask for a shoutout on Instagram or LinkedIn by tagging our social media handles, if you’ve benefited from this tool.

About this TACoS Calculator:

Even if you’re using this calculator for some other marketplace, nothing changes. You can simply assume all entries in you specific marketplace’s currency because the final result will be in percentage & not in any currency.

We’ve considered all factors while creating this calculator, but we don’t assume any responsibility for the correctness of the information. Please understand that this calculator is intended for seller education purposes only and not for making any financial decisions.

AMZPro doesn’t store any information you add to this calculator. Neither do we sell or share any of our website visitors data like email addresses or other meta data.

a. You add details
b. It calculates the target TACoS percentage
c. Sends you the target TACoS & a personalized report detailing how can you best use this target TACoS so as to achieve the desired results for your Amazon store.

About Target TACoS:

If you’re not aware of what is TACoS, it stands for Total Advertising Cost of Sales. Just like ACoS this is a profitability measure. Lower the better. The difference between TACoS & ACoS is that TACoS considers the revenue of the complete store & not only the ads revenue. This gives you a wholesome picture of profitability of your store instead of just telling you if your ads are profitable or not.

How can I check what is my store’s TACoS now? For this, check out this blog.

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