Over 300 Sellers Benefit as 3rd Party Services Streamline Notifications through Amazon’s Emerald Program

Key Highlights:

Amazon is streamlining communication for third-party sellers by allowing select services to send direct notifications through Amazon Seller Central. This enhancement aims to provide sellers with crucial information from service providers more efficiently. The announcement was made at the Amazon Selling Partner DevSummit 2023.

Dive Insight:

In a significant move, Amazon empowers third-party services to send direct notifications to sellers on Amazon Seller Central. This development, shared at the Amazon Selling Partner DevSummit 2023, is designed to expedite the flow of important information from service providers to sellers.

SentryKit, a participant in the Amazon Emerald program, expressed the significance of this initiative in a recent YouTube video. They described it as a "game-changing" effort that allows secure and compliant third-party apps like SentryKit to deliver essential updates directly through the Seller Central account. This means sellers can now receive customized business notifications without leaving Seller Central.

Getida, another participant in the Amazon Emerald program, highlighted the benefits of Emerald notifications for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers. Through this channel, FBA sellers can receive alerts to maximize their reimbursements, enhancing their Seller Central experience.

Eytan Wiener, CEO of Getida, emphasized the positive impact of the Emerald program on third-party sellers, citing it as an example of Amazon's commitment to improving seller experiences. Getida is pleased to be part of this program, which aligns with Amazon's efforts to facilitate effective business management for third-party sellers.

With Emerald notifications enabled, Amazon FBA sellers using Getida will be seamlessly notified within Seller Central. This includes alerts related to FBA reimbursements, such as uploading documentation for expiring claims, providing tracking information, updating user permissions, and viewing business performance summaries. This integration contributes to the overall ease and evolution of third-party seller businesses.

Although Amazon offers an app store for 3P (third-party) solution providers, participation in the new Amazon Emerald program is currently limited to a small number of developers. This initiative marks a step forward in enhancing communication and efficiency for sellers on the Amazon platform.



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