Amazon Surpasses Microsoft as Bellevue's Largest Employer with 3,000 Worker Surge

Key Points:

  • Amazon has become Bellevue's biggest employer, overtaking Microsoft, with a workforce of over 10,200 employees in 2022, marking a growth of nearly 3,000 workers from the previous year.
  • Despite slowing down some of its expansion plans in downtown Bellevue, Amazon's continued growth showcases the company's dominance in the region.
  • Microsoft and T-Mobile US Inc. experienced a decline in employee numbers in Bellevue during the same period, with Microsoft's headcount dropping from 9,300 to 6,700, and T-Mobile going down from 6,400 to 5,300 employees in 2022.
  • Facebook parent company Meta Platforms Inc. showed significant progress, employing 3,500 workers in the city, surpassing Overlake Hospital and the Bellevue School District to claim the fourth spot on the largest employers list.

Dive Insight:

Amazon's meteoric rise in Bellevue's job market has been remarkable, making it the primary driver of economic growth in the city. With more than 3,000 new hires in a year, the tech giant's presence has solidified, surpassing long-time leader Microsoft as the top employer.

While Amazon's expansion plans in downtown Bellevue have been somewhat scaled back, the company's move into other completed or partially finished office buildings demonstrates its commitment to the area. Meanwhile, Microsoft's workforce reduction and upcoming departure from multiple offices indicate a shift in the tech landscape.

The only other player to experience significant growth in the region is Meta Platforms Inc., formerly known as Facebook. With its expansion into Bellevue's Spring District, the company has increased its employee count and secured its place as one of the city's major employers.

Bellevue's tech sector dynamics are evolving rapidly, and Amazon's dominance highlights its role as a pivotal force in the city's economic prosperity. As Amazon continues to invest and expand its operations, it remains to be seen how other tech giants will adapt and compete in the ever-changing landscape of this vibrant tech hub.

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