Amazon Tweaks Free Shipping Rules, Tests $35 Minimum for Non-Prime Shoppers.

In a notable move, Amazon has recently made adjustments to its free shipping policy, impacting select customers, all while facing ongoing protests from its workers. Previously, non-Prime members could avail of free shipping for orders totalling $25 or more. However, the e-commerce giant has now raised the minimum order amount to $35 for these customers.

Clarifying the rationale behind this change, Amazon's spokesperson Kristina Pressentin shared that the company frequently reviews its offerings and makes modifications based on these evaluations. This alteration is part of a testing phase to gauge its effectiveness. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime members will continue to enjoy the benefit of free delivery on a vast array of items, accessible through both Same-Day and One-Day Delivery services. These privileges come as part of the Prime subscription, which entails an annual fee of approximately $140.

This adjustment in the free shipping threshold is being implemented in specific regions based on their zip codes. Essentially, all customers within a particular region will be subjected to the revised policy, aiming to streamline the shopping experience.

Interestingly, this change arrives against the backdrop of Amazon's workers engaging in protests to voice their grievances. In California, a group of over 80 delivery drivers has been actively participating in a strike, impacting the company's operations. These workers are demanding better working conditions and rights. They have notably been gathering and marching outside an Amazon warehouse located in Palmdale, a region north of Los Angeles. Their method involves deliberately slowing down Amazon's delivery vans as a means of protest.

Conversely, even as Amazon grapples with these protests and policy changes, the company recently celebrated a significant milestone. Amazon declared its first Prime Day of the year, held on July 11th, to be the most successful sales day in its entire history. This achievement underscores the company's continuing influence and reach in the e-commerce landscape.

In summary, Amazon's decision to alter its free shipping policy for specific customers and handle worker protests underscores the ongoing dynamics that shape the company's operations. As Amazon continues to navigate these developments, its influence on the e-commerce sector remains profound and noteworthy.


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