New Tools Introduced By Seller Cloud Aims At Assisting Amazon Sellers

Key Points: 

  • As per the latest reports,  Sellercloud, the omnichannel e-commerce growth platform, has recently announced a new range of tools to assist Amazon sellers in increasing their efficiency, automating their workflows, and much more.
  • The newly introduced tools offer many benefits, from bulk shipping orders using Amazon's Buy Shipping to consolidating FBA Inbound Shipments.
  • Now the users are benefitted from the seller cloud's tools in its easy FBA prep by allowing the users to print ASIN numbers automatically when scanning a product's UPC or barcode.
  • Several new products and tools, such as Skustack, Skublox, 4D Scale, Memaila, Turnstock, and others, have been developed due to the input from companies utilizing the Sellercloud platform.
  • According to Greenberg, while their services and products cater to diverse requirements, they have received numerous requests for tools that aid in Amazon's selling.

Dive Insights:

Sellercloud, the omnichannel e-commerce growth platform, has unveiled a fresh assortment of tools to support Amazon sellers in enhancing their productivity, streamlining their processes, and expanding their operations. 

These tools include a feature that enables sellers to ship orders in bulk using Amazon's Buy Shipping, which grants them access to Amazon's discounted shipping rates from leading carriers. Furthermore, with a Sellercloud subscription, sellers can consolidate their FBA inbound shipments to a single fulfillment center with no additional fees.

Sellercloud's tools aid in FBA preparation by automatically printing ASIN numbers when a product's UPC or barcode is scanned, thereby expediting the process of getting FBA shipments out of warehouses. Additionally, users can use the FBA Box Label Printing feature to mass-print all box labels that Amazon requires during boxing. Third-party logistics companies can also be benefitted from the ability to oversee multiple organizations from a single account.

Moreover, Sellercloud's reporting functionalities offer comprehensive insights into sales across all markets, with specialized features tailored to the needs of Amazon sellers, such as customizable reports. Furthermore, Sellercloud facilitates direct selling to Amazon through a complete Vendor Central integration. Other features available to users include predictive restocking and the ability to manually or automatically fulfill multi-channel orders within their Sellercloud account.

"In our experience with e-commerce, we have developed a comprehensive suite of features and solutions that are highly customizable to fulfill the needs of any platform. For instance, we recently introduced Skublox, which simplifies sorting, fulfillment, and shipping and improves order-picking accuracy. We are also excited to launch our upcoming 4D Scale, which sends package weight and dimension data directly to a user's Sellercloud account or any other platform they may use, including web pages. These enhancements provide significant benefits to all sellers," said Greenberg.

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