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Training & Consultancy

A training consultant is in charge of creating and improving training programs for businesses. Their responsibilities include assessing existing plans, aligning training programs with the company's objectives, and supporting learning opportunities. They can also develop instructional materials and facilitate classes. In summary, consulting looks at the big picture of your practice, whereas training focuses on specific tasks. The focus of training is on making improvements on a job-by-job basis.

Account managers in the AMZPro will cover the following topics:


Getting Started

This section of the training covers subjects including product listing establishment and troubleshooting current listings (listing down, incorrect ASIN contribution, etc.) Brand owners will benefit from enhanced brand content as well as access to live chat support to answer questions.


Transportation Services

Sellers will be able to figure out which fulfillment method(s) are best for their company. They can learn how to prepare for their first shipment, including what they need to know, product labeling advice, and shipping and tracking times. They can also get help with Amazon's Inventory Performance Index and how to manage their inventory efficiently.


Sales mentoring

Sellers will be able to obtain guidance and reporting in this section, in order to better understand the traffic that is flowing to their product detail pages. AmzPro's account managers will assist merchants in determining whether or not creating offers on Amazon is the best option for them. They can also learn how to set up Lightning Deals, advertise on Amazon, and decode or translate Amazon SEO best practices and Seller Central reports.


Issue Mitigation and Q&A

AmzPro is available to address any questions or concerns you may have. New sellers have the option of receiving answers to their queries via live chat/or email. They can also get coaching ideas to assist them to keep their accounts healthy and operating at their best. They'll be shown how to avoid policy-related business concerns like reviews and chargeback claims that might interrupt company operations.